What students are saying:

“The film itself was amazing, the shots were breathtaking and every interview was insightful. The film filled me with a sense of hope seeing people of all ages, especially young people, and backgrounds working together to care for their shared resources.”

“I related to Jordan when he said he is so close to Lake Champlain yet hasn’t gone out and seen it as much as he should. Seeing his journey inspired me to want to go and explore the lake for myself as well as the natural areas near my home.”

“I thought it was very cool being able to explore the entire 120 mile length of Lake Champlain, [a trip] that would normally take 14 days, but I was able to see it in a short span of a movie.”

When at the end of his trip he hit intense algal blooms after the rain had stopped, I found myself disgusted and saddened. Even though this part of the film was gross and hard to watch, I feel like it was very needed because it showed this different and very real side of our lake, Lake Champlain. I now feel a call to action after watching Jordan’s film and I want to get involved and help save the lake, Because we really have no other lake!”

What community members are saying:

“Seeing the cyanobacteria bloom on the big screen literally gave me chills.”

“A huge round of applause to Jordan and Duane. I am so impressed by what you produced. The tone of the film was perfect and even-handed. You struck a great balance between showing the beautiful and not-so-beautiful parts of the lake and spoke to the reality of the situation without being overly optimistic or too gloom-and-doom (something that is hard to achieve these days). I hope you will continue to make films about issues facing our region and what we can do to help. Well done!”

“Great film, left me inspired to help save our lake!”

“My favorite part of the film was the story of the trip itself and the sense of discovery we were able to participate in as armchair travelers. The narration was charming and accessible to all kinds of folks watching.”